How to install a suction pool cleaner

How to install a suction pool cleaner

Basics of installing a suction pool cleaner.

A suction cleaner is easy to install and is great for cleaning small to medium debris. These cleaners operate off your pool’s dedicated suction line or skimmer, using a main circulating pump that is three quarter horsepower or larger. With these types of cleaners, debris is backing directly through the skimmer or pump basket, depositing debris into the filter. Because of this the skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter should be carefully monitored and emptied to prevent damage to the pump.

If you have a heavy debris load, a leaf canister can be purchased to reduce filter cleanings. First prepare the pool. When first installing a pool cleaner, it is important to start with the clean body of water. Vacuum the pool and make sure the pool filter and pump basket are clean. Then find the return line fittings and turn them downward. Now assemble the hose.

To connect to a dedicated suction line, twist-lock the male end of the hose into the large end of a 45 degree elbow. To connect to a skimmer, remove the skimmer basket and insert the valve cuff and connect the flow keeper valve with the arrow pointing down toward the skimmer pipe. Choose the fitting combination that best suits the skimmer. Completely submerge the hose and fill it with water. As a tip, hold the hose in front of a return line to quickly fill all lengths of the hose.

Keep the hose submerge while connected the flow gauge to ensure there is no air in the hose. Next, test and adjust for proper flow. Water flow must be maintained at a proper level to keep the clearer working properly. Disconnect the cleaner head and attach the flow gauge if your cleaner has one.

Keep the flow gauge under water and some one turn on the pump. Verify the flow is accurate using the gauge that comes with most suction pool cleaners. If flow is in the low range from zero to two, check and clean the pool filter and baskets and verify that the valve’s controlling suction lines are in the correct position.

Adjust the valves to provide more suctions to the skimmer instead of the main drain. If flow is in the high range from four to six, verify that the valves controlling the suction lines are in the correct position and lower the flow setting on the flow keeper valve. Adjust the valve to provide more flow to the main drain thereby reducing suction to the skimmer.

Submerge the cleaner and flood it with water. When bubbles stop coming from the cleaner, connect the hose by pushing the quick connector onto the cleaner. Make sure to position the hose flow on the first hose suction about nine inches from the cleaner head. And that’s how to properly install a suction cleaner.

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